Hi gorgeous, welcome to Shades of Glam! I decided to start this blog to build a platform to empower women of all shades through special guest interviews and relying beauty tips and information thats relatable to all women so you can lead a glamorous and meaningful life. From my experience being a TV host and a former beauty queen to being raised by parents who are experts in the beauty and hair industry, I am looking forward to creating compelling conversations among smart, stylish, and influential glam bosses.

Why Shades Of Glam?

Simply because I am a woman who wants to fulfill her dreams, a woman who wants to live a life filled with purpose, a woman who wants to feel glamorous while doing it, and a woman who wants to empower others to look good in their own skin.


To empower women of all shades to look and feel glamorous in their own skin. Guinwa hopes to connect with other boss ladies, as well as those who are looking for guidance from a glam expert and media professional.

About Guinwa

Raised in two big cities, Dubai and Las Vegas, Guinwa Zeineddine is a television host, glam expert and philanthropist with a growing social media following. She holds a dual bachelor’s degree in Biology and Communications and has an ever-growing passion for empowering women through beauty and health.

In 2014, Guinwa Zeineddine ascended to the top of the Arab pageant world as Miss Arab USA. Since then she has used her crown and social media platforms to change the perception of Arab women worldwide and educate the world and her community about the Arab culture and the struggles of being young and Arab in America.

In 2017, she launched her personal blog, Shades of Glam where she inspires women of all shades through her beauty and health tips.

Guinwa continues to reach her fan base with creative postings on her blog ShadesofGlam.com  as well as giving back with her non-profit www.Hawiyati.com whose mission is to empower women and the youth by promoting their culture and encouraging their dreams through a series of cultural, educational, and humanitarian drives.

To learn more about Guinwa Zeineddine, visit her personal website www.GuinwaZ.com


Have some exciting tips or news that cater to women from different shades? Send us an email with your thoughts/ideas: info@shadesofglam.com

Stay Glamorous,

Guinwa Zeineddine
TV Host | Glam Expert